Season 1 Episode III – Non-Terrestrial Achievements

“We are stumbling across the cosmos with a particle accelerator in one hand, with a TV Guide in the other…”

James Cameron mining asteroids…
The creator of PayPal now successor of NASA’s shuttle program…

Join IMB on a quest to explore the ideas of space and non-terrestrial achievements.
We focus our attention on a brief history of the former USSR and United States space race.. We hear the opinions of politicians, astronauts/physicists, journalists and entrepreneurs, whilst taking a more in depth look at future plans to both inhabit other worlds, and or make use of their materials.

Also Mentioned:
The Constellation Program
The Kepler Spacecraft
The Space Treaty and Space Legalities
Russian hopes for a Manned Base on the Moon

Featured Artists:

Halfway Track-

6 String Bass Cover of Radiohead’s ‘Karma Police’,
Performed by Thomas Morgan and Produced @ Resonant Mind Studios

Final Track-

‘Flowers’ is re-visited after airing initially on In Motion Broadcast’s Pilot Episode, Performed and Recorded by Chris Neto

Link for Download or Stream



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